Asian Persuasion 

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Added October 7, 2009
by Shirley Bensten
Lansing, MI

Category: Crazy Quilts, Wall Art, Surface Design, Embroidery

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Difficulty Level: Expert

Material: Cotton, Silk

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This Asian-inspired wall sculpture was created with a contemporary
application of a decades-old crazy patch technique. Fabrics: cotton,
silk, fancy fabrics. Surface embellishment: hand embroidery using
silk/cotton threads; glass beads; assorted charms, buttons, trims; ultra
suede; fabric transferred images; sequins; hand dyed/vintage lace;silk
ribbon. Mounting technique:cq stretched over artist canvas on stretcher
bars, then adhered to larger canvas (using E6000 adhesive) covered in
dupioni silk for added dimension. Hangs from bamboo pole that is an
outdoor garden tiki light cut down to required size.


October 11, 2009 10:58am| by Donna Johnson I have seen this in person and it is incredible. And purple!

October 9, 2009 02:38pm| by Siri Gottlieb Shirley, this is gorgeous. Weren't you starting this on our cruise? Beautiful!

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