An Adventure in Crazy Quilting featuring Sharon Boggon, Allison Aller and Betty Pillsbury 

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Added March 9, 2010
by The Daily Stitch

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Fantastic crazy quilting retreat planned for April, 2011.
Sharon Boggon is a textile artist and teacher living in Canberra Australia. A life long embroiderer, Sharon is now working full time at the art of embroidery and crazy quilting. Sharon is a prolific blogger and her Stitch Dictionary website and Pin Tangle blog are indispensable resources for anyone interested in embroidery and fiber art and design. Sharon is teaching an embroidery class at the retreat.
Betty Pillsbury is an award-winning textile artist and accomplished instructor. Her work has been exhibited at the White House and the National Museum for Women in the Arts. Betty lives in the Northern Catskills of New York State and teaches from her home and travels to select venues. Betty will be teaching a class in techniques for using velvet.
Allison Aller's three-dimensional floral embellishment is a signature of her work. A quilter for 35  years, she uses traditional and contemporary techniques in her award-winning work. Allie's blog explains her process and inspiration step-by step and is a wonderful resource tool for beginners. Allie loves to play with color -- all of it -- and uses it to great success in her stunning quilts. She works and blogs from the state of Washington. Allison's class will cover techniques for textile flowers.
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March 13, 2010 02:41pm| by Maureen Greeson Thank you for writing about our event. We are working very hard to make this what we hope will be a truly successful experience in every way. Thanks again!!

March 13, 2010 02:18pm| by allie aller Well how about that, I logged in to see what is new on the Daily Stitch and there we are, Sharon, Betty and me!
Thank you so much for this wonderful write up of what will no doubt be a really great event!!!

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